Web and mobile

Web design and development Web design & dev

Yor website will be designed from scratch, with user experience in mind, and made with WordPress, Webflow or coded

UX/UI design UX/UI mobile design

You will receive research and competitive analysis report, personas, wireframes, final design, and clickable prototype of an app

UX/UI audits UX/UI audits

You will receive a report of issues with design decisions and the user experience of your website or app with proposed changes

Why webshine?

I design with four aspects in mind

User experience

The interface has to be clear and intuitive so that your client can navigate through the website or app with ease

Mobile first

In the age of smartphones, it’s our main work device, so I start designing with the mobile version

Responsive web design

Your website will work well on every device and resolution

SEO optimization

Your website will be prepared for SEO positioning

My clients' opinions

Recent projects

Chatka Podegrodzia

Website design for mountain guest house in Poland
Work in progress...

Maciej Mach

Website design for personal trainer Maciej Mach
Work in progress...

Damn Burger

UX/UI design of an iOS fast food delivery app

What does working with me look like?

1. Get in touch

During the meeting, I will ask you a few questions to find out about your goals with the website or application

2. Competitive analysis

I’m looking for your main competitors to check their strengths and weaknesses so that we know what we can improve

3. Information architecture

After research, I’m building a logical skeleton of the product based on the information and the copy I received from you

4. Design

At this stage, I prepare the design so you can see what the final product will look like

5. Development

It’s time to bring your design to life with the technology you’ve chosen

6. Launch

This is the day your project is finally alive and public

7. Maintain

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone. You can always contact me if you have to change something.
If your product is a website, I will maintain it

Looking for a website or an app design?

Don’t be shy and hit me up, so I can estimate your project!

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